Passe Colline, AOC Ventoux, Rouge, 2020

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The wine
As in cooking, we carefully select terroirs and grape varieties to best express the original flavours of each appellation in a fruity, expressive style with silky tannins. Each cuvée is enjoyable from the moment it is bottled. The final blending is carried out with Chefs Disciples d'Escoffier, so that each wine is associated with the world of gastronomy from the start.
Passe Colline is made from grapes grown on three different types of soil, which explain its unique personality and suave flavour: hills with light sandy soil, slopes with zaffer, a mix of sandstone and sand sediment, and a terrace of fallen rocks propitious to winegrowing.
This expertly fermented wine displays fine fruit aromas and is naturally balanced. Fermentation methods include daily délestage (rack and return) and cooling of the must. The wine undergoes short maceration (8 days) in order to preserve the feminine elegance of its tannin. Ageing is also short to make the most of the wine’s intrinsic fruitiness. It is therefore bottled early.
Grenache noir
Alcohol content: 14 ABV
Agriculture Raisonnée


Serve at 14-16°C.
Tasting notes
Intense color of fresh cherry. A beautiful shine already makes the wine appetizing. Nose of raspberry, blackberry, bramble and pepper notes. The mouth is frank: the fruits are there, ripe and juicy. A melted tannin supports the substance, for a sincere and easy-drinking experience.
Wine Tasting Video
Food and wine pairings
For the juicy character of the wine, we look for a very red meat, like a rump steak served with melting carrots. A beef tartare with capers will also give an advantageous replica. For vegans: try a soy protein burger, with a generous pinch of paprika to underline the spiciness of the wine!