Confidence, AOC Beaumes de Venise, Rouge, 2019

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The wine
As in cooking, we carefully select terroirs and grape varieties to best express the original flavours of each appellation in a fruity, expressive style with silky tannins. Each cuvée is enjoyable from the moment it is bottled. The final blending is carried out with Chefs Disciples d'Escoffier, so that each wine is associated with the world of gastronomy from the start.
Confidence is a historic blend from the Cave des Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise. It consists of wines from selected plots of zaffer, silt and clay, and limestone soil up to altitudes of 300 metres.
In the vineyard
The grapes are picked when perfectly ripe and handled with the greatest of care.
The grapes are destemmed, crushed, put into vat, and maintained at a carefully controlled temperature. Fermentation focuses on bringing out ripe fruit and spicy aromas. Rack and return, as well as regular aeration of the must during fermentation, are responsible for smooth, silky tannin.
Grenache noir


This wine is enjoyable young, but has an ageing potential of 5 to 7 years. Best served at 16-18°C.
Tasting notes
The color is garnet, brilliant. Fragrances of spices come to bewitch your senses; some blood orange peels make you guess old grenaches of beautiful concentration. The palate is beautiful; a wide aromatic palette elegantly coats fine and well-integrated tannins. The persistence is astonishing; long seconds are necessary to finally forget the notes of pepper, laurel, raspberry, jammy strawberry... Remarkably complex, this wine is to be drunk with delight! Open one hour before serving at around 17°C.
Wine Tasting Video
Food and wine pairings
A full-bodied meat will do it justice: shoulder of lamb braised with rosemary and melting potatoes, chicken tagine with prunes, for a welcome hint of sweetness. For vegans, try a celery risotto style: this vegetable, when cooked successfully, develops a natural sweetness that will echo this rich and heady wine.