Tradition, AOC Rasteau, Rouge, 2019

‘Tasty wines for tasty moments’, that’s what the Rhonéa signature range stands for.


The wine
As in cooking, we carefully select terroirs and grape varieties to best express the original flavours of each appellation in a fruity, expressive style with silky tannins. Each cuvée is enjoyable from the moment it is bottled. The final blending is carried out with Chefs Disciples d'Escoffier, so that each wine is associated with the world of gastronomy from the start.
Perched on a hill 200 to 300 meters away, the Rasteau vineyard stands opposite the Dentelles de Montmirail. It is relatively sheltered from the Mistral and planted on clay-limestone terraces covered with rolled pebbles brought from the Alps by the Ouvèze over 18 million years ago.
In the vineyard
85% manual harvest. Yield 38hl / ha. Short size in free goblet, trellised goblet and Royat cord. Planting density 4,000 vines / ha.
Harvest destemmed. Traditional vinification with long maceration, partial punching down.
Grenache noir


Tasting notes
Deep garnet color, sparkling reflections. Numerous and persistent tears, beautiful richness in perspective. The nose is wild, secret. One perceives the contained power. With a light decanting, it then uninhibits itself for our greatest pleasure: the nose begins to open. On the palate a sensation of raspberry seeds, dried meat, a branch of roasted rosemary. The wine proves to be ripe but leaves a sensation of freshness that forces another glass... Serve at 16°C.
Wine Tasting Video
Food and wine pairings
The wine is powerful, dare a spicy dish. A Middle Eastern cuisine, or Maghreb cuisine. Mint and harissa keftas served with boiled vegetables, or a Tunisian Mossli, will stand up to this southern wine full of ripe fruit. For the vegans: lentil dumplings in the Bolognese style will make a response to the measure of Rasteau!



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