The story
Diving their roots in the pebbled hills of the Southern Rhône Valley, the robust vines of the Rasteau vineyard, swept by the Mistral wind, with grapes ripened in the gentle warmth of the pebbles, produce wines that are both powerful and elegant.
Clay-limestone hillsides.
In the vineyard
Average age of the vineyard: 50 years.
100% manual harvest with sorting. Yield 30hl/ha. Short goblet pruning
Manual harvest with sorting, 100% destemming. Mutage on marc with alcohol of wine origin. Aged in vats, tuns and barrels.
Grenache noir : 100%


Tasting notes
A deep ruby color, aromas of cherry, cocoa and a touch of black pepper, in the mouth, nicely structured between tannins and fat.
Food and wine pairings
Roquefort or fourme d'Ambert, prunes or strawberries with Rasteau, crispy with roasted figs, and chocolate, red fruit or orange desserts.

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