Passe Colline, AOC Ventoux, Rosé, 2020

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The wine
As in cooking, we carefully select terroirs and grape varieties to best express the original flavours of each appellation in a fruity, expressive style with silky tannins. Each cuvée is enjoyable from the moment it is bottled. The final blending is carried out with Chefs Disciples d'Escoffier, so that each wine is associated with the world of gastronomy from the start.
Passe Colline is made from grapes grown on three different types of soil, which explain its unique personality and suave flavour: hills with light sandy soil, slopes with zaffer, a mix of sandstone and sand sediment, and a terrace of fallen rocks propitious to winegrowing.
The Vignerons’ Ventoux wines are made specifically to highlight their fruitiness. When it comes time to pick the grapes, they are always extremely aromatic, with an intoxicating smell. In order to make the most of this superb fruit, the Vignerons use state-of-the-art equipment to ferment the must at a temperature of 15-16°C. This gentle treatment results in naturally balanced and fruity wine, which is aged for a short while in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and bottled early.
Grenache noir : 95%
Carignan : 4%
Syrah : 1%
Alcohol content: 13.05 ABV


Best enjoyed young.
Tasting notes
Pale and crystalline color, rose petal tint. A luminous aspect inviting, irresistible! Limestone notes mingle with those of fresh red berries: redcurrant, juicy raspberry. A long iodized and salivating finish with grapefruit aromas, leaves the mouth lively and airy.
Wine Tasting Video
Food and wine pairings
Its dominant freshness will exalt a "natural", raw and seasonal cuisine: the unmistakable tomato-mozzarella, red peppers marinated in olive oil, some anchovies in vinegar and of course grilled meats (not too spicy). But also a slightly more elaborate cuisine: salmon gravlax, a beef carpaccio accompanied by rocket for a touch of bitterness that will give a favorable echo to the southern character of the wine.