The wine
Treat yourself to a refreshing break with our delicately sparkling Muscatine! The Mediterranean sun accounts for the aromatic intensity of this Muscat Petis Grains, whereas our traditional winemaking expertise brings out its sweetness and finesse. Whether an everyday pleasure or for special occasions, this fresh, fruity wine is a pure delight.
Muscatine is made from a careful selection of Muscat à Petits Grains grapes picked at just the right moment. The grapes are picked in the morning before the sun rises to retain all their fresh fruit aromas. They are then directly pressed. Only juice from the first press is used to guarantee maximum quality. Fermentation lasts approximately 20 days at cold temperature in a closed tank (Charmat method) to create fine bubbles.
Muscat Rouge à petits grains : 100%


Tasting notes
Muscatine has a beautiful pale pink color tinted with violin. The bubble is fine, regular and the cord very well defined. The nose is fresh on notes of red fruit, raspberry and pomegranate. The mouth is lively, light with a feeling of softness.
Food pairing
Ideal for pre-dinners and fruity desserts. Perfect on macaron and red berries desserts.


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