Terroir Daronton, AOC Ventoux, Rosé, 2019


The wine
Terroir Daronton pays homage to the men who founded the Vacqueyras and Beaumes de Venise cellars in 1950 to provide the best possible conditions for making and ageing wines from their villages. Le Terroir Daronton epitomises the finest expression of Rhone Valley, as well as over 60 years of expertise handed down from generation to generation.
Terroir Daronton Ventoux is made from grapes grown on three different types of soil, which explain its unique personality and suave flavour: hills with light sandy soil, slopes with zaffer, a mix of sandstone and sand sediment, and a terrace of fallen rocks propitious to winegrowing.
The Vignerons’ Ventoux wines are made specifically to highlight their fruitiness. When it comes time to pick the grapes, they are always extremely aromatic, with an intoxicating smell. In order to make the most of this superb fruit, the Vignerons use state-of-the-art equipment to ferment the must at a temperature of 15-16°C. This gentle treatment results in naturally balanced and fruity wine, which is aged for a short while in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and bottled early.
Alcohol content: 13 % vol.


Tasting notes
Elegant, delicate nose with lots of fruit. Elegant and soft on the palate with a well-focused, fresh aftertaste.
Food pairing
This wine is harmonious. Ideal with a the traditional vegetables cooking and the inspirations of the modern meats.