Le Clocher, AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Visan, Rouge, 2019


The wine
Famous for its bell tower and its typically Provençal alleys, the village of Visan is also a famous place for viticulture. Its proximity to the Cru Vinsobres, the most northerly in the region, and its tendency to conquer the hills give freshness and elegance to its wines. The bell tower of the village, which marks the silhouette of the landscape perfectly embodies their style: they compete in taste length and longevity.
Soil rich in pebbles or limestone gravels on hillsides exposed South-East.
In the vineyard
Selection of plots on the best terroirs of the appellation. Short size in free goblet or trellised goblet for Grenache and Mourvèdre and Royat cord for syrah. Planting density 4000 feet / ha.
Traditional, vatting for 12 to 15 days. Control of the vinification temperature between 28 and 30 ° C.
Grenache noir


Tasting notes
Floral notes such as lavender and violet matched with black fruits such as blackcurrant, enveloped by silky tannins will evolve gracefully towards aromas of garrigue and undergrowth over the years.
Food pairing
Serve at room temperature (16-18 ° C) on grilled red meats, in particular, but it will also accompany the best dishes with nobility.