Bois Doré, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, 2014


The wine
Its intense colour of light wood, due to several months of barrel ageing accounts for its name: Bois Doré. Made from the oldest vines in Beaumes de Venise, the plots of Muscat à Petits Grains grow on rocky terraces in the heart of the Dentelles de Montmirail massif. Bois Doré reflects all the expertise of our artisan winegrowers, who work the soil and harvest the grapes by hand, picking only the ripest, sweetest grapes. After careful ageing in our cellars, this wine’s outstanding aromas develop year after year.
This Muscat is grown on sand, marl, and clay-limestone soil, which accounts for its strong personality.
This Muscat is made traditionally, with special care and attention paid during ageing.
It spends 12 months in barrels used for one previous vintage.
Muscat blanc à petits grains : 100%

Tasting advices

Tasting notes
This Muscat has a beautiful orange colour with intense silver highlights. The complex bouquet features aromas of Virginia Tabaco, roasted coffee beans and vanilla. The wine displays delicious honey and mango flavours, and has a strong personnality.
Food pairing
This Muscat is ideal with panfried foie gras as well as chocolate desserts.

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