La Croix du Verger, AOC Crozes-Hermitage, Rouge


The wine
This elegant Crozes-Hermitage draws its rich aromatics from a soil where an orchard previously grew (verger means orchard in French). The name Crozes-Hermitage is derived from a word meaning cross and hermitage associated with a knight who, returning from the crusades, settled on this hill overlooking the Rhone to live as a hermit.
Our vines draws its richness on the terroir on the granite terraces of the northern Côtes du Rhône region. This truly is a worthy example of our efforts, produced in harmony with the region’s natural climate, which is dominated by the mistral, keeping our vines healthy.
Rigorous selection of grapes based on origin and maturity. Total destemming of grape harvest. Vatting time of 30 days. Maturing process of 10 months.


Tasting notes
Intense nose of red berries, spices and violet, supported by menthol notes. Rich, balanced, full and harmonious in the mouth with silky, smooth tannins. Good aromatic persistence of the red berries and the pepper. A superb typical wine.
Food pairing
For those special occasions, this Crozes-Hermitage is the perfect accompaniment to a rack of veal with a casserole of spring onions, white meats, charcuterie meats and grilled meats.