Aeria, Cru Rasteau, Rouge, 2018


The wine
The enchantment of the Rasteau terroir is enhanced by mythical natural forces. Aeria, the wind goddess, protects the vineyards and ensures that the grapes ripen perfectly, vintage after vintage. Our artisan winegrowers respect their terroir and its traditions, acting in perfect symbiosis with natural elements like the Mistral wind and the plentiful sunshiune of the South of France.
Situated in the North of Vaucluse, the vineyard turns due south shielded from the Mistral. Vineyards extend over a relief of hillsides on the grounds of stoneware of rolled pebbles and more in-depth clays.
The traditional fermentation takes 20 days.
Grenache noir : 50%
Syrah : 35%
Mourvèdre : 15%

Tasting advices

Tasting notes
This wine has a beautiful garnet-red colour with intense purplish highlights. It also features a very attractive nose of ripe red and black fruits, as well as sweet spices.
Food pairing
Perfect with red meat, such as grilled steak, cheese as roasted camembert.