Passe Colline, AOC Ventoux, Rouge, 2019


The wine
Nicknamed the Giant of Provence, Mont Ventoux is the tallest mountain in the Monts de Vaucluse. This land of dreams and legends has been the setting for incredible stories involving men who one day dared to defy the mountain. The region setting is beautiful, but sometime hostile. The terroir consists of steep slopes, pebbly soil, and a windy, very sunny climate. Every vintage reflects the winegrower’s passion to produce optimum quality.
Passe Colline is made from grapes grown on three different types of soil, which explain its unique personality and suave flavour: hills with light sandy soil, slopes with zaffer, a mix of sandstone and sand sediment, and a terrace of fallen rocks propitious to winegrowing.
This expertly fermented wine displays fine fruit aromas and is naturally balanced. Fermentation methods include daily délestage (rack and return) and cooling of the must. The wine undergoes short maceration (8 days) in order to preserve the feminine elegance of its tannin. Ageing is also short to make the most of the wine’s intrinsic fruitiness. It is therefore bottled early.
Grenache noir
Alcohol content: 14 % vol.


Tasting notes
Elegant, very fruity nose. Smooth with finely-grained tannin. Round and flavoursome.
Food pairing
Ideal with grilled meats, pork chops, and cheese or with roasted tomato pie. Best enjoyed young.