Côté Faubourg Muscat Tendre, IGP Vaucluse, Blanc Moelleux, 2018


The wine
The experienced hands and meticulous care of several generations of artisan winegrowers account for this generous authentic wine. Côté Faubourg is fresh, delicious, and elegant. You will delight in discovering its originality and the unique «French touch». Made and aged in the South of France, Côté Faubourg exists in red, white and rosé versions, and is suitable for any occasion.
Côté Faubourg takes root on three different grounds who giveto this wine a unique and pleasant character : sandy and light hills, hillsides of Safres, mixture of gréso-sandy sediments, and terraces of old rocks. It is very convenient to the culture of the vineyard.
Picked at peak ripeness. Cold temperature must racking followed by fermentation at 17°C. This is stopped by introducing intense cold (-2°C).
Muscat blanc à petits grains


Tasting notes
The newest creation of the Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise has a pale yellow colour with magical green highlights. The nose is rich and redolent of tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple, and lemon. The wine is smooth and subtly sweet on the palate. Altogether elegant and delicate.
Food pairing
Perfect as an aperitif, with foie gras, or with chocolate desserts.